The prize fund of the French Open 2018 tennis championship was increased by almost 10% compared to the 2017 tournament: from 36 million euros to 39.2 million this season, reports AFP with reference to director Roland Garros Guy Forge. Roland Garros winners in the men’s and women’s singles received 2.2 million each, which is 100 thousand euros more than in 2017. Tennis players, losing in the first round of the French Open, earned 40 thousand euros, which is five thousand more than last year. Organizers of Roland Garros offered the winners the smallest prizes compared to the three other tournaments. The French Open in 2018 was held from May 27 to June 10 in Paris. The winner was Rafael Nadal.

Other winners and leaders: Bjorn Borg – playboy, smoker, addict?

About Bjorn Borg, all fans of tennis had a stereotype as an outstanding player, who was in the rank of 1 racket of the world from 1979 to 1981, 109 weeks (with a few interruptions), 11 times and the title holder of Grand Slam tournaments, seasoned and resistant combatants. But few people know about the privacy of a millionaire tennis player, but also about the motives for the unexpected completion of his brilliant career at 26 (not due to injury). It is about the other side of the Borg life medal that the book by Lars Skarke, first published in 1992 in Swedish under the title “TRUTH: MY YEARS WITH BORN BORG”, tells the story of Lars Skarke. And the following year, the English edition of this book received the title “BJRN BORG: THE WINNER LOSES EVERYTHING”.

The author was the long-term manager of Bjorn Borg and his closest friend, or rather “his former friend”, because immediately after the publication of the book, Borg quarreled with Skarke and even sued him for libel. However, soon the tennis player took his lawsuit, thereby tacitly admitting that everything stated in the book is true.

Ivan Lendl

He was called the Terminator and Ivan the Terrible. He quarreled with the authorities of his native country and permanently moved to the United States. The press did not like him, and when he won the matches, the public simply resented. And still he has a lot of enemies and few fans. The king of world tennis, an insensitive robot, winner of 8 Grand Slam cups, one of the most “colorless” and boring great sports stars, the first racket of the world, a subtle connoisseur of art – he is all this, Ivan Lendl.

It all began in 1960. It was then, on March 7, in the town of Ostrava in the Czechoslovak Socialist Republic that one of the most controversial sportsmen of the world appeared. Logically, now we have to go over to the description of Ivan Lendl’s childhood, but there’s really nothing to describe here, because he, in fact, did not have a childhood. The boy was born in the family of one of the best tennis players in the country – Olga Lendlova. It’s true, and his father has achieved some success in this field. Ivan’s mother combined tennis workouts with a secretary’s job. The kindergartens closed early, there was no one to leave the child with, and little Lendlu had to hang around for hours at the trainings in the Ostrava tennis club, watching Olga’s sharp movements.

Ivan, a quiet and shy boy, was not popular with his peers, and his parents were always busy. The first own racket appeared to him at the age of six. Perhaps it would not be an exaggeration to say that it was this simple subject that became the best friend of the future star of world tennis.

Waking up, he thought he was training, in class he was thinking about training, even in a dream he saw a tennis court. Ivan’s mom chose an unusual way to punish his childhood misdeeds. She simply deprived him of one workout. For a boy, this was a real tragedy. Already in 10 years, the future legend was literally placed on tennis.

The year of the year 1890 can be called the point of record of Ivan’s ascension as a professional and serious tennis player. He wins 7 single and 3 pair matches, and becomes the owner of the Davis Cup. In the same sports season, Landl, having won 7 titles, being in the final of the Final tournament of the year and winning 110 matches per season, is in sixth place in the ranking. From 1982 to 1990, Lendl did not leave the top three tennis players of the planet. Of these, four years became the first. From 1982 to 1990, Lendl did not leave the top three tennis players of the planet. Of these, four years became the first racket.

Young Ivan is attracted by the convenience and comfort of America. Soon he, after several years of rather tense relations with the authorities of Czechoslovakia, moved to the country of freedom. In 1982, Lendl has the following statistics: 12 successful tournaments, 117 wins in the last 124 matches, brilliant tournament winnings with the famous Australian tennis player Kim Warwick. However, not everything is as smooth as it seems. In America, Ivan has not sweet. He has bad English, on the court he is not as artistic and charismatic as his rivals, he gets rid of journalists with monosyllabic answers – all this causes dislike for him from both the press and the public. In the period 1982-1983, he loses three finals of Grand Slam tournaments. A year later, he finally broke off relations with the Czechoslovak Federation. In the same 1984, Lendl won the most important trophy in his entire career – Rolland Garros.

Quotes from great players – Mats Wilander: Borg’s son will win

Swede Mats Wilander spoke about his relationship with Leo Borg, the son of the legendary tennis player. “Of course, it’s very difficult to build a career when your father is Bjorn Borg. At the same time, this fact already takes Leo to a higher level. All children think their fathers don’t understand anything. In the case of Leo, his father is 11-time winner of the Grand Slam tournaments. Leo himself is on the right track, he knows what he wants to be. It is a little strange that now in Sweden there are no strong players who claim to win in major tournaments. But good players are growing in Sweden, including Leo Borg. Their victories are a matter of time, I think that Leo can get into the best,” Tennis World quotes Mats.